Auto Repair Shop – Do Coupons Really Help You Save Money?

Auto Repair Shop – Do Coupons Really Help You Save Money?

A coupon from the local vehicle repair center mentioned “Fall Money Savers”. It had been an expert searching design packed with savings on auto repair services. However, from the 8 services listed, 2 would not be needed, 1 is made up, and also the remaining 5 maintenance services specified for just to help you get in.

The Two services marketed that you will likely will never need (for today’s cars anyway) were Flushes and Timing Belts. The repair center mentioned you could save $25 on any coolant, power steering, or transmission flush. This may seem just like a substantial savings, however your vehicle does not need them! And timing belts, that the Coupon mentioned are essential on “Most” cars, and also at every “60,000” miles, is information that’s ten years outdated.

The “Composed” service was titled “Fuel Savings Special.” It cost $49.95 plus tax. It incorporated an Oil Change, Tire Rotation, Brake and Coolant Inspections, Beginning and Charging Systems Test, Car windows Wiper and Front lights Inspections. I just read this Special three occasions in serious, battling to locate a service that will really assist with fuel savings. There have been none. Had the Special pointed out a “Tire Pressure Check” and/or perhaps a “Fuel System Cleaning Service,” or at best a gas additive that could have helped reduce some carbon build-up, which “may” have helped save fuel, then your title “Fuel Savings Special” could have been warranted. Because it was, it had been just an oil change that incorporated a tire rotation. The final 5 services (the following) incorporated minimal savings:

$20 off an alignment – something you most likely wouldn’t need before the coupon’s expiration)

$5 off an oil change

$10 free gas with $100 or even more operating work – a pleasant enticement in case your vehicle really needs work and gas

$20 off brake work – not really a lot because of the margin on brake parts and the simplicity of work

$40 off some 4 tires – you are able to negotiate a much better deal than $40 off (at any shop) in case your replacing all 4 tires

The above mentioned services are classified as “Gravy Work.” That’s, they’re easy, lucrative, and incredibly good at growing the conclusion associated with a repair center. These specials are made to enable you to get in so a shop’s specialist can scour your automobile for additional work, that you simply might or might not need. Tip – follow your manufacturer’s recommendations “only” when preserving your vehicle. Find out more at Auto Repair Shop

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